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Abby Jenkins, ABV


Abby Jenkins, ABV, founder and president of ProDelta, LLC has nearly a decade of experience working as a consultant. Her experience includes valuations, data analytics, economic studies, and modeling for public and private clients. Abby specializes in fair value and fair market value analyses for a variety of purposes including mergers and acquisitions, litigation matters, financing assessments, mark-to-market, gift and estate, financial reporting, corporate planning, and equity compensation. Her industry expertise includes energy, technology, and start-ups.

(713) 396.0659

Abby Jenkins, ABV – President & Founder

Industry Expertise

Our lead specialist, has served on hundreds of energy engagements serving clients in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors in North and South America, Africa, Middle East, and Europe supporting mergers and acquisitions, SEC and IFRS financial reporting, federal and international tax matters, insurance, bankruptcy, company solvency, and litigation matters.

We work across all industries, however, encourage our consultants to specialize in certain industries to provide customized services based on our diverse client needs.