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Valuation Services

Value is more than a number


Let our team help you get the answers you are looking for whether you are considering an exit strategy, need assistance with equity based compensation, are interested in valuing your business for planning or gift and estate purposes, or need transaction assistance with valuing intangible assets. Whatever your needs, we will connect you with solutions for all of your Fair Value and Fair Market Value related valuation needs.

What we do.

Tax Purposes

We provide valuations that help you make informed decisions regarding your financial interests, while complying with IRS reporting requirements. We have experience with IRS negotiations including IRS appeals in the U.S. Tax Court.


We provide businesses and individuals with skillfully prepared analyses across a range of issues and can provide expert witness testimony in support of our work.

Fair Value & Financial Reporting

Preparing financial statements and reporting can be a complex process, especially in an ever changing regulatory environment. Whether your company is completing a business combination, issuing stock options, holding intangible assets, or requiring an mark-to-market analysis of your portfolio, you may need our help.

Business Enterprise & Interests

Are you looking to gauge the value of your business as a whole or your invested interests in your Company. Let us help you value your business enterprise, empowering you to make dynamic decisions for your future.

Valuation Expertise

Tax Purposes
  • Gift & Estate
  • Financial Planning
  • Business Enterprises
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (“ESOPS”)
  • Shareholder Buyouts
  • Damages
  • Marital Dissolutions
  • Lost Profits
  • Tax Matters
  • Business Enterprise & Interests
Fair Value & Financial Reporting
  • Purchase Price Allocations
  • Mark-to-Market
  • Stock Based Compensation
  • Complex Financial Instruments

Our team will work with you and your advisors to develop a tailored solution for your needs.

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